5 Skills A Fast Food Manager Needs To Possess

There are too many fast food restaurants to count in this country and millions visit them every single day. The employees within have to work hard to get your food out quickly, especially for those on their lunch breaks. They have to deal with rude customers and try their best to retain their easy going composure to make sure the customer drives away satisfied.

Many times customers may remain unhappy and will want a refund or to talk to the manager. Managers have a tough job as well, taking care of the needs of the restaurant and the staff they supervise, as well as dealing with angry customers. Not everyone knows what is involved in a fast food manager’s job, and here we will talk about that.


Fast food managers don’t really need to have a degree to start managing. Oftentimes, they have to prove themselves to be valuable in a lower position to move into a higher one. But let’s be honest, it’s all in who you know in this world that gets you ahead most of the time. You can work hard, hoping to one day be recognized as being management material, but someone could get bumped up to that position because they are friends with someone in a higher position. It sucks, but that’s the reality of the situation. But that shouldn’t stop people from trying anyway because you never know.
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Managers are responsible for keeping track of all the money going in and out of a fast food restaurant. They have to make sure they don’t order supplies that will go to waste and that the food is made right so it isn’t returned. Also a consideration is scheduling just the right amount of employees to work that day. If there’s too many, it will be wasted money when people are standing around trying to find something to do that normally one employee could handle all at once. If you don’t schedule enough, then workers will be stressed more trying to do more.

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A manager would also want to keep an eye on the machines used to make the food. If they are not in good condition and break down, money will be lost while waiting to get it fixed or replaced. They also have to make sure the machines are kept clean so the customers are safe eating the food.


Fast food managers have to do the hiring and firing of employees, as well as make sure a nice appearance is well maintained. For example, making sure their staff has a clean uniform, their clothes fit properly and hygiene is taken care of. This gives a good impression to customers and they will order with confidence. A good staff will also be taught how to handle customers, especially angry ones. They will need to keep their cool at all times to ease any tensions that may arise.


Food Quality

Making sure the food is clean and safe for customers is a manager’s most important job. They must oversee production, see if there are any problems to fix, order fresh ingredients, and make sure that expired food is disposed of. Employees aren’t looking for expiration dates because they are so busy trying to get the food out quickly. It’s the manager’s job to make sure the food is fit for consumption, unless something is blatantly seen by an employee, which shouldn’t happen if the manager is doing their job correctly.

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The Establishment

Fast food managers may work longer hours than other kinds of managers, maybe from opening to closing. Working for a fast food restaurant is stressful by itself, but even more so when you need to work all day there. Managers need to make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently and that customers, as well as employees, are satisfied. They need to do paperwork during non-busy times and make sure the store is clean during and after lunch and dinner.
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Most of the duties described here can be applied to any manager, but fast food managers have a very tough job when compared to an office manager. They work long hours and have to deal with some very nasty situations, whether it’s a food mess or angry customers. Please think about these things as a customer, and not just for the managers but for the employees as well. And if you want to become a fast food manager, consider the things discussed in this article first.

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