Top Activities To Unify Employees

Do you want to improve the morale in your office? Do you want to build a team environment that facilitates bonding, reduces employee stress, and creates trust?

Try taking your employees out of the office to try different sports or activities. They’ll enjoy the fresh air, get to know each other, and will appreciate working for you as a result. Here are six team activity ideas that could boost morale:

1. Participate In Corporate Events Together

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and there’s a citywide event called Corporate Challenge every year. I work at a University, so it is a great way to get all of the different departments together for cross-functional team building. I get to meet people from all over the campus that I wouldn’t normally get to interact with.

We also have quite the cornholing game rivalry with Payroll and Financial Reporting down the hall. The corporate challenge includes all types of events from blood donations to sand volleyball.

2. Volunteer For A Great Cause

Workers volunteering

Your group can help build a house together through Habitat for Humanity. Depending on what your company specializes in, you can help out a non-profit. That would still keep the creative juices flowing for your team, but give them a different environment to work on their skills.

During the holidays, your team can volunteer at a soup kitchen or a nursing home. Kids at children’s hospitals love to get visits from their favorite superheros. Your team will experience emotional events together that will bring them closer together when life at the office gets stressful.

3. Kayaking

If you are fortunate enough to live around water, why not head to the great outdoors and take your team kayaking? You can rent tandem kayaks to encourage people to work together to control the boat. Or you can let your ultra competitive members race each other one-on-one for bragging rights for the rest of the year.

Folding kayaks by Oru Kayak are great to use because coworkers can help construct each other’s boats before they head out for a race. Plus, they are easy to carry, so each person can carry one on their own. You can read an Oru Kayak review to see if it would fit in with your company’s outing.

4. Attend An Outdoor Concert Or Sporting Event

Workers enjoying a concert

Take all of your team members out to a concert or a sporting event. They will have time to bond and get to know each other outside of the office.
Additionally, having something to watch or listen to will fill up any awkward moments during the event and give your employees something in common to talk about later. They can let loose and be themselves, and thus will not be uptight at work.

5. Scavenger Hunts

One of my personal favorite team building activities is a Scavenger Hunt. Fortunately, living in Las Vegas, I can get ultra creative with this one. If you have new employees, this would be a great way to get them out of the office and to explore the area around your company or city. Make sure to take lots of great pictures and, of course, make sure the winners get some sort of bragging rights or prizes.

6. Cocktail Parties

Office cocktail party

Why not have a company cocktail party? The employees can have a glass of wine and an appetizer while they walk around the room and start conversations to get to know each other. The mood will be more relaxed and they will feel more at ease when approaching each other.

They will also appreciate that you care enough about them to plan a gathering for them. They will see it as a perk and will want to work for you harder and for longer.


Sponsoring these types of team building activities will help grow your employees into happy, productive, and cooperative team members.

Keep in mind that some of your employees won’t be quite as adventurous as others. Make sure the activities you plan include things to do for all of your employees to enjoy.

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