What We Are About

First of all, thank you for visiting 1 Management!  If you have made it this far, then you must want to know more about the intent of this website.  Let’s do this!

From a young age, I discovered that my parents were grateful for their jobs but they seriously disliked (if not hated!) their bosses and managers.  Why was this?  Was it my parents?  Or was it management?  Over the years, it seemed to be a common pattern that most of us were unhappy by the people we were managed by.

About five years ago, I started watching inspirational videos.  Before I knew it, Steve Jobs, Grant Cardone, and Seth Godin became my heroes (all for very different reasons).  I started to realize that there is such a thing as training to become a good, if not GREAT manager!

After all, if Steve Jobs and Bill Gates can create positive work environments, why not the rest of us?

The only way to become great at management is to be aware of yourself, your skills, and to want to improve!

With that said, welcome to 1 Management and please have a look around.  It is my goal to inspire YOU!